{Web Series} Lee Hayes “BAIT Episode 3: “Lovers & Friends”

Relationships become more complicated for lovers and their friends as explosive secrets come to light. What did you think of Episode 3? Do you think Lennox knows that is Marshall’s phone? What do you think will happen next? Comment Below:

{In The Spirit} #TruthTuesdays: The Blessed Things in Life are Free.

I got on the bus this morning to go to work and found my dapper, smiling, entrepreneur of a son waiting for me. Well, he was on his way to his own job, but the 15 minutes we had to hug and catch up were all I needed for today to be #TremendousTuesday. The truth […]

{First Look} The Boyz Next Door LA + Video

The Boyz Next Door LA is a Spin off of the ATL show. A reality show based on 6 guys living in Los Angeles. Depicting a true brotherhood living in the LGBT community. Bebe J. Martinez-Mr. Exclusive/Puerto Rican Picture Aaron Kodak-Mr. Picture Perfect Terrance Terrell-The Risk Taker Piérre Phipps-Mr. Chi-Town Brandon Anthony-The Ringleader Eros Alexander-The […]

{Fashion} Maternity Clothes for Genderqueer Parents

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to create a maternity line for queer, masculine, and trans parents-to-be. By: Steffi Buchler I first heard about the new pregnancy line Butchbaby & Co. after stumbling over a touching video that was shared last week with the message #CelebrateAllMothers. Intrigued by the name and concept, I did some […]

{Web Series} Lee Hayes “BAIT Episode 1: ‘The Boy Next Door’

Psychopathic Emanuel Woods uses the BAIT dating app for sexual gratification and for murder. What did you think of this Episode? 5/1/15