The blessed things in life are free.I got on the bus this morning to go to work and found my dapper, smiling, entrepreneur of a son waiting for me. Well, he was on his way to his own job, but the 15 minutes we had to hug and catch up were all I needed for today to be #TremendousTuesday.

The truth for many of us is that we can get just so busy, so focused on external stuff that we forget what brings us absolute joy. Today I missed my regular bus only to find my greatest gift in the simplicity of slowing down and being grateful.

So stop today and say thank you to the nice lady at the counter or the brother who holds the door. As much as we forget sometimes, these are the things that bring us JOY…and that’s the truth!

Kevin E Taylor is a Writer, Author, Pastor, TV Host and Motivational Speaker. He can be reached at @KevinETaylorTM3