{Engagement} James + Trey

James Mitchell and Devanta 'Trey' Tyler met on Facebook during the Spring of last year. They decided to take their friendship to the next level on April 18, 2012; and have been inseparable ever since. Last Fall Trey relocated to a new city to begin his life with James. On August 30,2013, James decided that … Continue reading {Engagement} James + Trey

RuPaul, the world's most famous drag queen, shares his philosophy on dressing (and cross-dressing) and explains why he says it wouldn't matter to him if he never dressed in drag again. Plus, RuPaul dishes about his 19-year relationship with his partner, Georges, a rancher who lives on 50 acres in South Dakota and Wyoming, and … Continue reading

{Events} Juan & Gee Presents ‘The Gentlemen’s Ball 2014’

Everyone keeps asking us, “What’s the date of the next Gentlemen’s Ball?” and in the interest of being totally transparent with you, the honest answer is simple: We don’t know. We are elated to hear that so many of you are looking forward to the 2014 festivities, but harbor an equal amount of anxiety about … Continue reading {Events} Juan & Gee Presents ‘The Gentlemen’s Ball 2014’